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Huawei P8

by Huawei

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Huawei P8- This Telecom Giant Wants What Apple and Samsung Have

There used to be a time when telecom equipment providers also dominated mobile handsets.  Pre-Smart Phone Era, everyone had phones from Nokia, Ericsson, and Motorola who also provided a lot of equipment that went into telecom infrastructure.  Then came along consumer electronics giants like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and LG that upended the status quo and proceeded to rule the Smart Phone Era.

Huawei is trying to go retro and bring back the glory days when telecom equipment companies did everything.  Huawei is the largest telecom equipment company in the world and second only to Cisco as the largest networking router and switch company in the world.  They are plain huge.

In a world where you need a budget larger than most countries GDP to compete in the mobile phone business, Huawei is one the few giants that have a shot at doing this.  Whereas Xiaomi  is trying to dominate the lower end smartphone segment in China, Huawei is going straight for the jugular of Apple and Samsung to rule the high end.

Huawei Store in Huawei Building Shenzhen China

The Huawei P8 is Huawei's flagship product designed to compete with the big boys.  Huawei does have a corporate store inside it's beautiful Shenzhen headquarters.

Fortress Store T1 Hong Kong Airport

Unfortunately like most places in China they didn't take US based credit cards and I had to purchase the P8 across the border at the Hong Kong International Airport.

Huawei P8 Box front shot in Du Hsiao Yueh Taipei Restaurant

The Huawei P8 case was designed to give impact similar to the way you feel when opening an Apple product for the first time.  Opening the Huawei P8 box feels like you are pulling out an expensive book from a nice bookcase.

Huawei P8 Box part opened in Du Hsiao Yueh Taipei Restaurant

Huawei P8 box side view in Du Hsiao Yueh Taipei Restaurant

Huawei P8 Unboxing-1

Huawei P8 Unboxing-2

Huawei P8 Unboxing-3

Huawei P8 Unboxing-4

Huawei P8 Unboxing-5

Huawei P8 Unboxing-6

The Huawei P8 comes with the standard USB charger and cable, as well as ear buds.  The pictures above came from Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant, a yummy Taiwanese restaurant with a bit of history (since 1895).

Du Hsiao Yueh Taipei Restaurant Info

Du Hsiao Yueh Taipei Restaurant cooking

This Huawei P8 model (Hong Kong version) upon startup has an interface that is very familiar Google Android look and feel.

Huawei P8 Startup-1 Huawei P8 Startup-2

Outside of China, Huawei is also marketing the P8 heavily.  Click here to see the smartphones being promoted in Singapore.


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