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HP Stream 11-r010nr 11.6-Inch Nootebok

by Hewlett-Packard

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HP Stream- A Great Value and Chromebook Alternative

Previous attempts at getting out cheap netbooks to the market got steamrolled over by the combination of low cost Chromebooks and tablets.   In fact, the Google Chromebook surprised the PC industry with its ultra low price.  So popular has the Chromebook been that Google has been confident enough to launch a high priced premium Chromebook, the Chromebook Pixel (2015).

The HP Stream 11 is one strong attempt by the traditional Windows PC notebook guys to get back market share with a ultra-low priced Windows notebook PC running with low end Intel processors.  While great for browsing and using Google Docs, the Chromebook is still hard to get used to for many heavy Microsoft Windows and Office users.  For those on tight budgets but don't want to migrate over to Chromebooks, the HP Stream is a smart choice.

HP Steambox box

From the simple box it comes in to its light weight feel, the HP Stream screams ultra low cost.  Still, this machine should be good enough for most casual users that just need to browse the web, use Microsoft Office, or other simple Windows applications.

HP Streambox closed

HP Streambox with Windows on screen


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