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Henge Docks Gravitas iPhone/iPad Dock - Lightning (HDA02GRV-TAS)

by Henge Docks

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Stand Up for Your iPhone with the Henge Docks Gravitas

All too often on a busy desk or night stand, it's easy to accidentally knock off your expensive iPhone or iPad.  The smoothness and lack of edges on the iPhone feels great on your hands, but sometimes can make it act like hockey puck on ice if you aren't careful.

Henge Docks has come out with Gravitas to secure your iPhone in a solid dock that is easy on the eyes.  As implied by its name, the Gravitas is heavy despite it's small size.  Think of it like a small anchor for your Apple mobile device which can also be used for charging, and connecting to a computer or speakers.

The Gravitas comes in a cube box that is small that when picked up is surprisingly  heavy.

Henge Docks Gravitas-03

Henge Docks Gravitas-04  Henge Docks Gravitas-06

Henge Docks Gravitas-09

The Gravitas box includes accessories such as the iPhone and iPad inserts as well as USB Type-A plug to USB Type-A plug Cable.

Henge Docks Gravitas-13

Henge Docks Gravitas-14

The Gravitas dock itself is made of a dense zinc alloy metal that is precisely milled to align your with iPhone or iPad's Lightning connector.   This zinc alloy is responsible for all the weight packed into this relatively small dock.

Henge Docks Gravitas-24

Henge Docks Gravitas-29

Henge Docks Gravitas-21

On the back of Gravitas in an audio port that you can use to connect to speakers or headphones as well as a USB port that can connect to a computer or power adapter.

Henge Docks Gravitas-26

A vital accessory for the Gravitas is the insert for the iPhone and iPad.

Henge Docks Gravitas-31

The iPad insert is the larger of the two and fits into the main slot of the Gravitas.

Henge Docks Gravitas-36

Henge Docks Gravitas-34

Henge Docks Gravitas-33  Henge Docks Gravitas-35

The main purpose of the iPad insert is to provide higher vertical mechanical support to the back of the iPad from the first generation thicker iPad to the iPad mini 2 all the way to newer models like the iPad Air 2.

Henge Docks Gravitas-46 Henge Docks Gravitas-49

Henge Docks Gravitas-54  Henge Docks Gravitas-41  Henge Docks Gravitas-43     Henge Docks Gravitas-55

The iPhone insert is smaller and doesn't have the back support needed for the larger iPad.

Henge Docks Gravitas-56  Henge Docks Gravitas-60

With the larger iPhone models like iPhone 6 Plus, I had to go back to using the iPad insert.

Henge Docks Gravitas-76

Henge Docks Gravitas-62   Henge Docks Gravitas-66    Henge Docks Gravitas-70

Henge Docks Gravitas-71

The Gravitas is a simple yet highly functional innovation from Henge Docks that looks great on any desk.

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