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HDMI Premiere 5m Cable

by Goppa

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Goppa Claims Support for 18 Gb/s and 4K HDR HDMI Video with Its Premium HDMI Cable (5 m)

The Goppa Premium HDMI Cable was sold as HDMI Premium Cable Certified as advertised on the Goppa website.which according to the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program helps to ensure 18 Gb/s (4K@60Hz) video streaming and EMI testing. The 16.4 feet / 5 meter HDMI cable version should be able to connect your HDMI enabled 4K or HD TV's or displays, and computers or other devices to get up to 4K (3840x2160p @60Hz), HDR, and 3D HDMI outputs @18 Gb/s speeds. 

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