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USB Charging Extension Cord with Surge Protection, 2 Outlet, 2 USB, 2.4A/12W, 12 ft. Cord, White, 32089

by General Electric (GE)

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USB 2.0

Double USB Charging with the GE 12 ft Extension Cord

The 12 ft long USB Charging Extension Cord by GE offers versatile indoor and outdoor charging. The power cord comes with 250 joules of surge protection on its two grounded AC outlets. It offers two additional USB Type-A charging ports with 2.4 amps/12 watts output which are enabled with what GE calls its Ultra Charge technology. When charging supported Apple, Android, and Windows based mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the GE USB Charging Extension Cord is expected to deliver faster charging by up to 40% by providing 2.4 amps which is typically beyond what standard USB ports can support.

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