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10000mAh USB-C Wireless Power Bank

by Energizer

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Energizer 10000mAh USB-C Wireless Power Bank Comes with Qi, USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge Combo

Having a Qi enabled power bank like the Energizer 10000mAh USB-C Wireless Power Bank allows you to wirelessly charge your Qi enabled phone on the go without needing a separate wireless charger. The Energizer power bank can use major fast charge technologies like USB Power Delivery over USB Type-C and Qualcomm Quick Charge as well as the Qi wireless charging standard for charging various smartphones and tablets or iPhone's and iPad's quickly.   

We purchased the Energizer 10000mAh USB-C Wireless Power Bank on a recent trip to Fry's Electronic USB-C Products. A wide selection of different Energizer power bank models were in stock at that time.  

The Energizer 10000mAh USB-C Wireless Power Bank comes with only a USB Type-A to Micro-B charging cable and instruction sheet.

The Qi logo highlighted at the top of the Energizer 10000mAh USB-C Wireless Power Bank indicates that it may have been Qi certified which also serves as a wireless charging base. The Energizer power bank supports 5W, 7.5W or 10W wireless charging for most Qi-enabled phones. 

Note that the Energizer power bank does not allow more than two devices to be charged simultaneously for both wired and wireless charging. Energizer also advised to recharge the power bank in case it stops working which will cause the power bank to reboot.

The Energizer 10000mAh USB-C Wireless Power Bank has one USB Type-A output port that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (5V@3A, 9V@2A, 12V@1.5A), a Micro-USB input port for charging the power bank up to 10W, a USB Type-C port that can either charge in or out at up to 18W and another USB Type-A output port that supports 12 watts (5V@2.4A).

The USB Type-C port supports USB Power Delivery 2.0 to supply 18 watts of fast charging using 15 watts (5 volts @ 3 amps), 18 watts (9 volts @ 2 amps), and 18 watts (12 volts @ 1.5 amps) power profiles. This level of charging is enough for most mobile phones sold today such as the Apple iPhone XS Max or Android phones such as the Google Pixel 3 XL and the Samsung Galaxy S9+. 18 watts output can also provide decently fast charging to tablets like the Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (2018). You can also charge the Energizer 10000mAh USB-C Wireless Power Bank using 15 watts (5 volts @ 3 amps) and 18 watts (9 volts @ 2 amps) power profiles.

The orange USB Type-A port supports up 18 watts of charging using Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 for most QC enabled phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the Huawei Mate20 Pro or even tablets like the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet and the Sharp Aquos Pad. Note it does not look like the proper Quick Charge logo is used on the power bank.

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