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Energear 65W PD Charger

by Energear

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Charge the Latest Thunderbolt and Type-C Notebooks with the Energear 65W PD Charger with Type-C port

The Energear 65W PD Charger is one of the first USB Power Delivery chargers in Japan to have earned the USB Certified Charger logo. This logo indicates that the Energear 65W PD Charger has been thoroughly tested to pass the USB compliance test specs and should have a high degree of interoperability charging USB compliant notebook PC's, tablets, and phones in a reliable manner.

The logo shows "65W", meaning it supports up to 65W power output over its USB Type-C connector. Such a high power rating allows you to support most notebook PC's out there as well as fast charge USB Power Delivery enabled phones like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The Energear 65W PD Charger supports these power profiles: 5 volts @ 3 amps, 9 volts @ 3 amps, 12 volts @ 3 amps, 15 volts @ 3 amps, and 20 volts @ 3.25 amps. The input voltage ranges from 100V-240V allowing you to use the Energear 65W PD Charger during international travel as a single main charger that can power your phone, tablet, and notebook PC.

The package content includes a 65W USB-C charger, a 6 feet USB certified USB-C to USB-C charging cable and a user manual. 

There are two colors that you can choose from for the Energear 65W adapter- black and white. There's only a single USB Type-C port and a detachable AC plug.


We will be testing the Energear 65W adapter with several USB Power Delivery enabled products in the market to see how the charger performs.

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