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Dell Inspiron 3543-2000BLK 15.6-Inches Laptop

by Dell Inc.

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Simple & Affordable- The Dell Inspiron 3543 Laptop

Amongst the variety of laptops offered in the market today, the Dell Inspiron 3543 Laptop is an affordable one which supports fifth generation Intel i5 processor and 5 hours of battery life.  I purchased this laptop from Dell's online store in India.

To start with, let's go through the unpacking and installation process of this laptop. The Dell Inspiron 3543 is packed in a sealed box having the Dell logo on top, with all the shipping information pasted on the side of the box. 

The Dell Inspiron 3543 out of the box comes with an AC power brick.

The Dell Inspiron 3543 comes with one HDMI 1.4b port, two USB 3.0 usb ports, a head set jack, an Ethernet port and a Power jack on the left side.

On the other side of the Dell Inspiron 3543, we can see the CD-Drive, one USB 3.0 port, and one SD Card slot.

To begin the PC's setup process, open the laptop and press the power button on the top right hand corner.  You'll need to input your e-mail for Dell Support and Protection, before proceeding to join a WI-FI network to get online.

Once online, the setup will take you through a fairly lengthy Windows update and Applications installation process.

Once the setup process is complete you'll see the Windows desktop (this Dell Inspiron 3543 came with Windows 8.1) and you are ready to start using the machine.

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