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Reviewed Products

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If you care about getting the best quality USB chargers, this if for you. 

Good quality USB chargers have the following properties:

1) High levels of adherence to specifications for interoperability

2) Supplies higher power for faster charging across a larger diversity of devices

3) Good thermal design and control allowing the charger to run at lower temperatures, making it more comfortable to touch and safer around children

4) Protection levels from unexpected power surges and are conservative enough to provide some protection but not overly conservative such that interoperability issues are inadvertantly created

5) High power efficiency levels to minimize wasted energy while the charger is operating

6) Low standby (vampire) power consumption to minimize wasted energy while the charger is not charging anything and just plugged into an AC outlet

The better the quality the charger, the better the overall user experience in terms of getting all their devices charged quickly and safely, and reducing their impact to the environment.  We were surprised that USB charger quality can vary so greatly and decided to share this benchmarking info with everyone, especially since most people can't tell the difference between the USB chargers being offered online or at a store.

Unlike most online reviews, we use test equipment specially designed for USB testing- the GRL C2 Tester from Granite River Labs.  We then applied big data techniques to develop a charger analysis and benchmark scoring system to make it easier for everyone to tell the difference in USB charger quality,  

Below is a summary of the best USB chargers we've tested as of Aug 2020.  Click the links below to learn more about how they scored and where to buy them.

Top Scoring USB Car Chargers

AT&T USB-C 47.0 Watts

Hama USB-C 18.0 Watts

Tama USB-C 27.0 Watts

Energear USB-C 45.0 Watts

Belkin USB-C 18.0 Watts

Hama USB-C 27.0 Watts

Linocell USB-C 45.0 Watts

Verizon USB-C 27.0 Watts

Belkin USB-C 18.0 Watts

Energear USB-C 27.0 Watts


Top Scoring USB Wall Chargers

Nekteck USB-C 45.0 Watts

Energear USB-C 46.0 Watts

Verizon USB-C 30.0 Watts

Softbank USB-C 18.0 Watts

Apple USB-C 30.0 Watts

Nekteck USB-C 65.0 Watts

Xiaomi USB-C 45.0 Watts

SoftBank USB-C 27.0 Watts

Dell USB-C 130.0 Watts

Google Inc. USB-C 45.0 Watts


Top Scoring USB Power Banks

Energizer USB-C 45.0 Watts

Dell USB-C 65.0 Watts

Huawei USB-C 40.0 Watts

Anker USB-C 22.5 Watts

Energear USB-C 45.0 Watts


Click here to learn more about the charger testing and scoring methodology.

Reviewed Products

Reviewed Products

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