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Multi-Function Jump Starter

by Audew

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Charge Up Your Car and USB Devices On the Go with the Audew Multi-Function Jump Starter

The ultra portable Audew Multi-Function Jump Starter should come handy just in case you're on the road and your car runs out of battery. Not only can it jump start the car battery but also act as a power bank for your USB devices.  

The Audew Multi-Function Jump Starter has a 13800mAh battery capacity that should work with most vehicles on 12V battery.

The Audew Multi-Function Jump Starter comes with a bunch of accessories which include jump cable plug and clamps, power adapter, USB cables, cigarette light adapter, and emergency light strobe adapter.

Its compact body and smooth aluminum casing does make the Audew Multi-Function Jump Starter look more like a regular power bank rather than a conventional jump starter kit. 

The jump start connector is located at the side along with a power button, battery indicator and 120 watts (12 volts @ 10 amps) output port.     

The jump cable plug and clamps accessory can be connected in between the jump start connector and your car battery. Just press the power button and start the car engine to jump start the car battery. The cable plug also offers additional protection against short circuit, over charge and over temperature among others during the jump start process. 

There are two USB Type-A charging out ports on one end of the Audew Multi-Function Jump Starter that provide 5 watts and 10.5 watts to charge many USB devices including mobile phones and tablets. These ports don't support any Quick Charge technology.

Also available are a LED light that can be used as a regular or emergency flashlight as well as a 15W DC charging in port.  

You can also use the supplied USB multi cable accessory if supported by your device for charging. 

Besides a normal flashlight, the LED light can also act as a SOS trigger signal which can be very useful during emergency.  

The Audew Multi-Function Jump Starter is both a highly portable and inexpensive way to bring along your travels just in case you need a quick battery charge.  

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