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ASUS Zenbook UX305FA 13.3 Inch Laptop


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The ASUS ZenBook- A Fantastic Value

When looking for a new laptop that is fast, slim, portable and light, the Apple MacBook is a great choice.  But for many the MacBook is still tough to afford if you are on a tight budget.  Looking at cheaper alternatives on Amazon, I came across the ASUS ZenBook and decided to give it a try.  The ZenBook is one of the Ultrabook designs promoted by Intel allowing for sleek powerful PC's.

I ordered the ZenBook through Amazon prime and received my new laptop in a couple of days.

Asus Zenbook- Unboxing1

Asus Zenbook- Unboxing2

I have used a lot of Windows laptops in the past and the trend for a while was an increased use of cheaper and lighter plastic materials. The MacBook really set a new trend for the industry adopting the aluminum unibody, and ZenBook's own implementation feels perfect.

The ZenBook is light, thin and super-fast. The first time I powered on this laptop, it only took 5 seconds to start using it which blew my mind.  I thought somehow that the laptop had already been on and just woken from sleep.   After powering down and restarting the  laptop a couple of times I confirmed that the boot up time is really only 5 seconds.

Asus Zenbook side shot

I tried playing  YouTube on the ZenBook and thought the sound was just ok until I explored the SMART Audio option. The Smart Audio and the Audio Wizard took the music to a completely different level. Amazon advertises the ZenBook as “Sound worth a Grammy” and I would definitely second that.

The ZenBook is extremely quiet thanks to being fan-less and using solid state drives.  These small things help to make things a little more peaceful Zen like experience.

Despite having only a 0.8 GHz processor, I had no issues with running multiple applications simultaneously along with Video and Music.  The display is fantastic, and the keyboard is really solid. Battery life is really amazing, lasting a mind boggling 8- 10 hours.

There were some areas where the ZenBook could have done better.  Like many other Windows PC's, the trackpad implementation is not as smooth and easy to use as the Apple MacBook Trackpad.


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