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Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

by Apple

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Apple Watch- Eye Candy for Your iPhone

Apple White iWatch Dark Red and White background in Taiwan

When word first got out about Apple working on a watch, companies rushed to get similar products out to market.  Samsung Gear had an early market share lead but once Apple launched their Apple Watch, Apple was able to quickly capture a big part of the wearables market by selling primarily to Apple iPhone fans.

Apple iWatch-1 Apple iWatch-5

Apple iWatch-3 Apple iWatch-2

Like other Apple products, what makes the Apple Watch stand out versus other wearable products is the stunning design.  Holding the Apple Watch gives you the feel of quality product not unlike an expensive Swiss watch.  Unlike traditional watches though, the Apple Watch functionality feels almost infinite allowing your Apple Watch to morph into almost anything.

Apple iWatch-7 Apple iWatch-6

The Watch has two main buttons, one which allows you to quick dial contacts and the other to pull up its unique application menu screen. Apple, rather than trying to adopt existing technologies to the Apple Watch, decided to completely build up a new operating system and creative user interface from scratch, to create a smooth and unique user experience.

The number of applications that you can run on the Apple Watch range from fitness tracking and goals, news notifications, Dick Tracy-like speak into the watch function, and maps.

Apple iWatch-20 Apple iWatch-19

Apple iWatch-18 Apple iWatch-17

Apple iWatch-16 Apple iWatch-15

Apple iWatch-14 Apple iWatch-13

Apple iWatch-11  Apple iWatch-9

Apple iWatch-8

To use the Apple Watch though, you must already have an iPhone or iPad.  The Apple Watch will not really work all alone and acts more like a wearable extension of the iPhone.  That means for a lot of apps to work (like Maps), you need to be close enough to your iPhone in order for the map to download through your phone.

Unlike other Apple products which are usually platforms on to themselves, the Apple Watch is really just a fancy iPhone accessory that uniquely augments the user experience.

This means of course that if you don't have or intend to buy an iPhone or iPad, forget about the Apple Watch.  There are other wearables that work with various smartphones.  If only they all looked as cool.

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