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Apple Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

by Apple

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Apple Smart Keyboard- Apple’s First iPad Keyboard

A key selling point of the Apple iPad Pro is the Apple Smart Keyboard, Apple's first iPad keyboard.  Previously, companies like Logitech made keyboards for the iPad like the Logitech Type+, but the Smart Keyboard is specially made by Apple for the iPad Pro.  Like the Microsoft Surface keyboards, the Smart Keyboard magnetically snaps securely to small ball shaped connectors on the side of the tablet.  Unlike the Logitech Type+ which uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad Air 2 and has a battery that periodically needs to be recharged, the Smart Keyboard is more similar to the Surface keyboard where it connects physically to the tablet which also provides power to the keyboard.  Also, the Smart Keyboard keyboard tactile feel is much superior to that found in the Logitech Type+.

The Smart Keyboard can also fold into different shapes (similar to the Amazon Fire Keyboard) so that it can turn your iPad Pro into a notebook or display, or it can serve as a protective case. 


The Apple Smart Keyboard only works for the Apple iPad Pro but it will be interesting whether Apple will support its future iPads with similar keyboards in the future.


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