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Apple MacBook Pro MJLT2LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop with Retina Display (512 GB)

by Apple

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Apple MacBook Pro- Trend Setter Extraordinaire

Apple's Retina Display generation of MacBook Pro's redefine what a professional notebook can do.  By combining color accurate eye popping screens, a stable easy to use Mac OS X operating system, and responsive keyboards and touch pads, the Retina series of MacBook Pro helped Apple increase its market share in the US to its highest ever.  Walk around any US Starbucks and airport and you see the Mac aluminum casing everywhere.

I purchased the MacBook Pro (Mid 2015) at PChome, the largest online retailer in Taiwan.

MacBook Pro FR Opening

MacBook Pro FR Corner shot on top of box

Macbook Pro FR with box

MacBook Pro FR speaker closeup

The MacBook comes with the standard white Apple MagSafe power adapter and power cord.

MacBook Pro FR Unboxing Macro MacBook Pro FR Unboxing contents

Another thing that makes sets MacBook Pro's apart from other Windows PC's are the interfaces available.  All recent Mac's have standardized on using Intel's Thunderbolt technology which is typically only found on higher end Windows PC workstations. The Thunderbolt port on the Mac provides theoretical speeds which are 4 times that of the USB port on the Mac.  You can also use a DisplayPort connector to attach a monitor to the Mac, or daisy chain other Thunderbolt devices.

Of course, the MacBook Pro also has standard USB, HDMI, and SD card interfaces as well.  Other interfaces like Ethernet and Firewire have disappeared, although you can still use a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter if you need Ethernet connectivity.

Macbook Pro FR left side interface on top of box  MacBook Pro FR Side shot showing connectors

The MacBook Pro Retina series continues to set the pace for the industry and it shouldn't be a surprise that a lot of new Windows PC's have similar look and feel.  Even Windows 10 has a lot of features that start to give Max OS X serious competition.  For heavy users that need their notebook to perform flawlessly when needed (and looking good while doing so), the MacBook Pro Retina series is in a class apart of its own.

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