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iPhone X

by Apple

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How We Get the Apple iPhone X Without Choosing a Mobile Carrier and Changing Your Phone Number

In the US, Apple has made it more difficult for users to casually purchase the Apple iPhone X, requiring that you choose a wireless carrier to use.

What is also inconvenient is that you can't keep your existing phone or add another number. If you want to keep using your favorite phone, you are out of luck.

Furthermore, you have to wait a long time to get your Apple iPhone X.

However, purchasing the Apple iPhone X in Singapore is a lot easier. On the second day of its release in Singapore, we were able to place an order at 6am to be picked-up later that same morning. Furthermore, it wasn't locked to any wireless carrier and phone number like in the US.

There is still a queue to wait in though to pick up the phone during the check-in window.

The Apple iPhone X comes in a box design similar to other recent iPhone models.

Like other iPhones, the Apple iPhone X comes with a 5 watts (5 volts @ 1 amps) charger, Lightning based audio headset, USB Type-A to Lightning cable, SIM removal pin, and various documentation.

The Apple iPhone X has a glass back and metal edge which gives a luxury feel.

The loss of the home button really helps to extend the display to the edges of the phone.

The Apple iPhone X looks marvelous at any angle although the hefty price tag will keep a lot of iPhone users at bay.

The Apple iPhone X also supports USB Power Delivery over its Lightning connector, allowing for quicker charging through USB Power Delivery based chargers.

The main new feature of the Apple iPhone X is the facial recognition we found very easy to use compared to leaving a fingerprint on the home button. The facial recognition works even if there is no network connection and is very fast to recognize your face at any angle.

The new user interface to go back to the home screen and switch between Apps is also much more intuitive than with the home button.

With all these benefits, we didn't miss the home button at all and it's great that the Apple can continue to progress the entire mobile phone industry with the Apple iPhone X.

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