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iPhone 11 Pro

by Apple

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro- First iPhone That Ships with a USB-C Power Delivery Charger and USB-C to Lightning Cable

With the latest Apple iPhone 11 Pro, users can now charge their iPhone's up to 18W through USB Power Delivery fast charging technology which is much faster than the previous 5W. This is the first iPhone that comes bundled with a USB Type-C power adapter and a USB-C to Lightning cable in its packaging. The 2019 model has also been upgraded with several features such as an additional rear camera, a 4K front camera, and the newer and faster Apple A13 chipset with iOS 13. Other than that the iPhone 11 Pro still uses the Lightning connector supporting USB Power Delivery similar to the Apple iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. Likewise the iPhone 11 Pro also continues to offer Qi wireless charging, eSIM technology and dual SIM card slots as well as up to 512GB RAM.

Let's have a closer look at the iPhone 11 Pro that we purchased recently.

Here's how the iPhone 11 Pro looks like from inside its packaging.

The iPhone 11 Pro now comes with a Apple 18W USB Type-C AC power adapter and a USB Type-C to Lightning cable along with a Lightning based audio headset as its accessories. The 18W power adapter states to support common USB Power Delivery profiles of 15 watts (5 volts @ 3 amps) and 18 watts (9 volts @ 2 amps) for output charging.

Design-wise the iPhone 11 Pro is slightly bigger and heavier than the iPhone XS. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with three 12MP cameras on its back as opposed to only two 12 MP rear cameras on the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. While the older XS models have a 7MP front camera with 1080p video, the iPhone 11 Pro offers a better 12MP front camera with 4K video.  

Using the USB Power Test App from Granite River Labs with the Granite River Labs USB Power Delivery Compliance C2 Tester, we can see from the following test results how power is supported by the iPhone 11 Pro.

The USB Power Test App first negotiates a power contract emulating the Source to determine the Power Delivery Sink capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro. The USB Power Test App then reports out the voltage and current supported by the iPhone for each of the Source PDO's advertised to the iPhone.


The USB Power Test App from Granite River Labs also produces a voltage, current trace plot which graphically shows the voltage and current requested by the iPhone 11 Pro for each advertised Source PDO throughout the power negotiation.

We also used the USB Power Delivery Compliance C2 Tester from Granite River Labs to run just a subset of the full USB Power Delivery compliance test suite where we can see that the iPhone 11 Pro supports charging using fixed PDO of .03 watts (.1 volts @ .3 amps), battery power of .089 watts (.095-.315 volts range) and variable power supply of .095-.315 volts @ .235 amps.

Sink Capabilities



Snk_PDO_Supply_Type #1


Snk_PDO_Voltage #1

100 (mV)

Snk_PDO_Op_Current #1

300 (mA)

Snk_PDO_Supply_Type #2


Snk_PDO_Max_Voltage #2

315 (mV)

Snk_PDO_Min_Voltage #2

95 (mV)

Snk_PDO_Op_Power #2

89 (mW)

Snk_PDO_Supply_Type #3


Snk_PDO_Max_Voltage #3

315 (mV)

Snk_PDO_Min_Voltage #3

95 (mV)

Snk_PDO_Op_Current #3

235 (mA)

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