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Apple Smart Cover For 12.9-Inch IPad Pro, Charcoal Gray

by Apple

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It’s Pretty Black and White for the Apple iPad Pro Smart Cover

The 12.9" Apple iPad Pro was the first advanced iPad Pro released, but the 9.7" Apple iPad Pro 9.7 has a lot more Smart Cover colors to choose from since the covers are the same size as the more popular 9.7" Apple iPad Air 2.  

For Apple iPad Pro users, the only choices you have for Smart Covers are charcoal gray or white, which are also hidden on the second to bottom shelf as opposed to prominently displayed like the 9.7" Smart Covers.

I purchased the iPad Pro Smart Cover from the Apple Store in Pleasanton, California so that I make the iPad Pro standup.

The iPad Pro Smart Cover snaps into the Apple iPad Pro using the magnetic Smart Connector.  When flat the Smart Cover protects the display on the iPad Pro.  The Smart Cover can also be folded into a triangle shape that allows the iPad Pro to standup at a more vertical or horizontal angle.

Like other covers, I sometimes find it hard to figure out how to fold the iPad Pro Smart Cover properly.  When folded, it can't stand too much pressure or weight before the triangle falls apart.  Still, it's very useful as a stand for the iPad Pro.

Click here to see how it can be used to hold up the iPad Pro as a secondary display to make personal presentations. 

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