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Apple iPad Air 2

by Apple

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Apple iPad Air 2- It’s good to be king

Apple initially popularized the tablet product concept and still sells more iPads than any other tablets.  As the king of this segment, Apple attracts a lot of accessories and products developed by companies that want to sell to iPad owners.  It also helps that Apple makes sure that these products work well with the iPad and iPhone. It's good to be king. A tablet by itself is probably not enough to convince me to buy one but all the applications and devices that work well with the iPad make it fun and compelling. I purchased the iPad Air 2 in Bic Camera's Shin-Yokohama store in Japan. The store is in the same building as the Shinkansen station making it very convenient to access.

Bic Camera Yokohama front Bic Camera Yokoyama Apple Section

The iPad Air 2 comes in typical Apple luxury style packaging  and includes the standard Lightning to USB cable and USB power charging.

Apple iPad Air 2 unopened box front Apple iPad Air 2 unopened box back.jpg Apple iPad Air 2 opened box contents.jpg

After Japan, I took the iPad Air 2 on a trip to Penang, a lovely island on the west coast of Malaysia. It was durian fruit season in Penang so I thought it was fitting to snap some shots with the "King of Fruit" at a roadside stall.

Durian roadside stand in Penang

People are absolutely crazy about durian here and there are different varieties that people look for.  The roadside stall was advertising "Musang King" durian, a very expensive variety.  To show how crazy everyone is for durian, all the durian were sold out and the only ones left were D24 and D2 which are cheaper but still delicious and grown in Kuala Lipis, a place near the rain forests of northern Malaysia. Ever wonder how they open this thorny fruit- why with your bare hands and knife of course!

iPad Air 2 with durian halves in Penang Malaysia  

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