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AirTurn Duo

by AirTurn

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How to Page Turn Music Sheets on Your iPad Pro Using Your Feet with the AirTurn Duo

The Apple iPad Pro- 12.9" is the largest sized iPad from Apple and is great for musicians that want to use the iPad for reading music. With traditional paper based music sheets, musicians have gotten used to fast page turning while playing a song. By using an iPad, they can now keep their hands on their instruments while turning pages with their feet. A great accessory for this is the AirTurn Duo.

The AirTurn Duo uses a Bluetooth 2.1 module with EDR support to connect to the iPad and is rated with a range of 60 feet through one wall, 55 feet through two walls, and 36 feet through three walls. You can also use the AirTurn Duo with other Android and Windows based devices.

We purchased the AirTurn Duo through Amazon Prime.

The AirTurn Duo comes with a USB Type-A to Micro-B cable for recharging the AirTurn Duo's battery.

The AirTurn Duo comes with two pedals which are easy to press without making a noise that would disturb your music playing.

The back of the AirTurn Duo's Bluetooth module has a USB Micro-B port that is used for charging. You can also detach the Bluetooth module from the foot pedals so you can easily use it anywhere.

The bottom of the AirTurn Duo provides a cheat sheet for how to control it and get it into various modes.

We will take a look at how to set up the AirTurn Duo with various devices.

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