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45W USB Type-C Laptop AC Wall Charger

by Targus

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37.5W (15V@2.5A) Out
15W (5V@3A) Out
36W (12V@3A) Out
45W (20V@2.25A) Out
USB PD 2.0
USB 3.1 Gen2
USB 2.0

What USB Power Delivery Charging Profiles are Supported on the Targus 45W USB Type-C Laptop AC Wall Charger

At a visit to a local Target in March 2017, the only third party USB Power Delivery they were selling were those from Targus.

The Targus 45W USB Type-C Laptop AC Wall Charger supports the following charging profiles over USB Power Delivery: 15 watts (5 volts @ 3 amps), 36 watts (12 volts @ 3amps), 37.5 watts (15 volts @ 2.5 amps), and 45 watts (20 volts @ 2.25 amps).

Here's a closer look at the Targus 45W USB Type-C Laptop AC Wall Charger's packaging and charger itself.

One annoying thing at Target is its use of security devices.  These security devices require you to find a store associate to buy something as simple as a charger so they can unlock the device.  Even after they unlock the device, a piece of the security mechanism is still on the packaging making it hard to open.


We will be taking a closer look at how the Targus 45W USB Type-C Laptop AC Wall Charger charges other USB Type-C and Power Delivery enabled devices.


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