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How to Set Up the Google Daydream View with an Android Phone like the Google Pixel

Google's Daydream View was launched to initially work with the new Google phones like Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, as well as Lenovo phones like the Moto Z Droid, Moto Z, and Moto Z Force Droid.

To use the Daydream View, you first need to download and install the Daydream App from Google Play.


Once you open the Daydream App you will go through a series of screens explaining how to use it.


Making sure the Daydream View has a good fit is actually very important for the entire user experience.  Whereas we had problems using the the Oculus Rift over glasses and making fitting adjustments in this previous review, the Daydream View was much easier to put on and adjust.

Once you put on the Daydream View, you really feel like you are in a different world so it's important to use the Daydream View in a safe area where you have a lot of empty space.  You also can't use the Daydream View for long periods of time- even after short periods of use, the phone gets quite hot and uncomfortable to hold- this is also another reason to keep it out of the hands of children despite all the VR games available.


Interestingly, using the Daydream App requires that you include a payment method and PIN which might be a turn-off for some people and adults letting their teenagers use the Daydream View.


Next, you'll need to pair the Daydream View's controller over Bluetooth.  Once paired, the Daydream View's controller will automatically get a software update.



The best way to find VR content to enjoy on the Daydream View is through the Daydream App.


The Daydeam App is essentially a platform for you to find, download, and play various VR Apps designed to work with Google Daydream VR.


You can easily navigate the Daydream App without putting on the Daydream View Headset but once you select an App, you'll be instructed how to insert the phone into the headset.   You can also select the blue round headset icon on the bottom right in order to navigate the Daydream App through the headset.

It's best to use the line at the bottom of the screen to align with the center of the headset to make sure everything is centered.

Once you put on the Daydream View headset, make sure you know where the controller is since you can't see it later.  It's probably best to attach the strap on the controller and just wear it on your wrist.  You can then use the controller like a laser pointer to point to where you want to select in the VR environment.  You can also hold down the home button to re-center your virtual environment with the real physical world. 

If you decide to navigate the Daydream App through the headset, you'll be enveloped within a virtual nature themed environment.

The NFL VR App is one of the most impressive Apps to introduce you to the world of virtual reality by putting you front stage on the sidelines of a NFL game.  If you select any content, you'll most likely see an ad played first.

YouTube VR also has a lot of cool VR shows like the Star Wars Rouge One themed VR videos.

Compared to the Oculus Rift, you can definitely tell that the video quality on the Google Pixel with the Daydream View is a lot lower.  The video is grainier and has a lower frame rates which makes it harder to enjoy fast action motion intensive videos and games without feeling a bit nauseous.  However, the Daydream View is a lot more affordable making it more appealing to casual users interested in experiencing virtual reality.  Hard core gamers will most likely still choose the Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE.

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