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1m Huawei SCP Charge Cable


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UGREEN 1m 5A SuperCharge Cable Supports Huawei's SuperCharge for a Non Huawei Cable

The UGREEN 1m 5A SuperCharge Cable is one of the few non Huawei cables that supports Huawei's own proprietary SuperCharge Protocol charging scheme. The UGREEN USB Type-C to Type-A cable enables pass through charging up to 22.5 watts (4.5 volts @ 5 amps or 5 volts @ 4.5 amps) using SuperCharge for Huawei's SuperCharge enabled phones like the P20 and Mate 10. Note this cable will provide up to 5 amps pass through charging if used with a Huawei phone that supports SuperCharge technology or up to 2 amps @ 9 volts (18 watts) if connected to a Huawei phone that doesn't support SuperCharge. 

Let's see how the UGREEN 1m 5A SuperCharge Cable looks like below which also supports up to 480 Mb/s data transfer speeds for its 1 meter cable version. Notice that the cable's Type-A connector plug is marked purple to indicate SuperCharge support.

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