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The Trianium Apple iPhone X Slim Case is a Cheap Way to Provide Some Casual Protection on Your iPhone X

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Reviewed Products

With the new Apple iPhone X now more expensive than a lot of laptop computers, protecting the new iPhone is very important. If you need just an inexpensive slim case, the Trianium Apple iPhone X Slim Case is one of the least expensive and slimmest cases out there.

We purchase the Trianium Apple iPhone X Slim Case through Amazon Prime.

The Trianium Apple iPhone X Slim Case basically just came with the case itself.

When we tried the Trianium Apple iPhone X Slim Case on the Apple iPhone X, it fit quite snugly providing some amount of protection to the edges and back of the phone. Note in general these phones nowadays are prone to scratches in the front display so don't expect this cover to prevent scratches or cracks on the screen.

All the buttons on the iPhone X could be assessed but they are harder to press compared to without the cover on.

The Trianium Apple iPhone X Slim Case doesn't win a lot of design awards and in a way cheapens the look of a really expensive phone, but is a fine choice if you want some basic protection and don't want to spend even more getting that for your iPhone X.

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