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SanDisk Mobile Flash Drives Rock

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Reviewed Products

Think USB flash drives are boring?  SanDisk has released several exciting mobile USB drives which reflect the needs of the times we live in.  We take a vast amount of pictures and videos with our mobile devices.  The picture quality that you get nowadays on your smartphone is amazing, making us take even more pictures.  The more megapixels per photo, the more memory space the photo takes on your phone.

It's important to be able to move pictures and movies off your mobile device to be able to make way for new ones you want to take.  It's easiest to upload your pictures and videos to the Cloud but if you have a lot of pictures or very long videos,  using wireless will be too slow and hang.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6S vs Huawei P8 vs Xiaomi Note Pro connector comparison

Fortunately, all mobile devices have USB or Lightning ports.  These ports can be used to plug in SanDisk mobile drives to transfer your files quickly and reliably.

So it doesn't matter if you use an iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or one of the MacBooks and Chromebooks with the new USB Type-C connector.  SanDisk has you covered.

For the Apple iPhone and iPad, products, SanDisk has the SanDisk iXpand Mobile Flash Drive.  See review on how well it works with the iPad Air 2.

For Android phones and tablets, SanDisk has the Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0.  This product works great with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

For all the new Android, Apple, Windows, and Chrome products with Type-C, SanDisk has the Dual USB Drive Type-C.  Click here to see how it looks with the Apple MacBook (Early 2015) with USB Type-C.

SanDisk has been one of the most aggressive storage companies addressing the needs of the new world order where mobile products rule, providing all the possible interface options to work with your mobile device.

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