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The LaCie Bolt3 Combines Elegance and Speed with Thunderbolt 3 Technology

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Compared to many other similarly looking storage drive solutions found in the market, Seagate's LaCie product line has always differentiated itself through creative styling that looked and matched Apple's Mac looks and the creative environments that Macs are usually found in.

The LaCie Bolt3 is no exception and packs Thunderbolt 3 professional grade performance with a MoMA exhibition piece look. The main rectangular body of the LaCie Bolt3 is perched at an angle at the center of its circular base, making the sharp rectangular corners of its body contrast well with the rounded base.

If you so choose, you can also remove the main body from the base and just have the LaCie Bolt3 sit on one of its sides.

In keeping with the trend to preserve form and styling, the LaCie Bolt3 actually hides its two Thunderbolt 3 ports and AC power connector. To see and more conveniently access them, you need to open a lid found towards the back of the unit.

Because Thunderbolt 3 also uses USB Power Delivery technology, the LaCie Bolt3 can also provide up to 20 watts of power to any Mac or PC that also supports USB Power Delivery based charging. Thus you can conveniently keep your notebook charged while working with media stored on the LaCie Bolt3 for long periods of time.

To take advantage of Thunderbolt 3's 40 Gb/s performance, LaCie Bolt3 uses two fast m.2 PCI Express based SSD's which when combined provide 2TB of storage. This allows you to quickly transfer 4K and 6K video media to larger RAID systems like the 120TB LaCie 12big Thunderbolt 3 and the 60TB LaCie 6big Thunderbolt 3.

The LaCie Bolt3 is great for demanding professionals and enthusiasts needing a high performance external drive that they can easily take together with their Thunderbolt 3 Mac or PC, and feel comfortable leaving at their work desk to show off.

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