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Plugable USB-C 7 In 1 Multi-Function Hub Can Be Used to Charge, Output Video and Transfer Data for Notebook PC's

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The Plugable USB-C 7 In 1 Multi-Function Hub allows connecting to an external display and storage while charging most USB Type-C notebook PC's and tablets that support USB, DisplayPort Alternate Mode, and USB Power Delivery technologies over a single USB Type-C connector.

By supporting active USB Power Delivery negotiation for rapid charging over USB Type-C, the Plugable USB-C 7 In 1 Multi-Function Hub plugs in to the computer using its affixed USB Type-C cable to offer up to 87W charging when the hub is connected to a external 100 watts based AC charger. This leaves some power budget to support the other connectivity functions of the hub which consist of three USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gb/s) Type-A ports, one HDMI 1.4 port, one 100W Type-C charging in port, one microSD card slot and one SD card slot.

The Plugable USB-C 7 In 1 Multi-Function Hub comes without any accessories inside its box.

The back of the Plugable USB-C 7 In 1 Multi-Function Hub provides one USB Type-C downstream port to connect to a external USB Power Delivery based AC power adapter for the hub's own power supply up to 100W. The hub also has two card readers supporting SD and microSD memory cards.

The three USB Type-A ports on the hub can be used to attach USB peripherals.

The Plugable USB-C 7 In 1 Multi-Function Hub is able to support connection to a HDMI display through a DisplayPort Alternate Mode to HDMI conversion. The HDMI port allows 4K@30Hz video coming from DisplayPort Alternate Mode.

Note DisplayPort monitors will not work with this Plugable hub. 

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