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Phone Shopping at China Mobile in Shanghai- USB Type-C Galore

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Going into China, familiar names in the US such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix give way to Baidu, Tencent (WeChat), Alibaba, and JD.com.  It's the same way when you go shopping for phones in China.

Walk into any phone store from China Mobile, China's largest state owned mobile telecommunications company, and you'll find phones that are a lot less familiar outside of China.  Chinese brands such as Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, ZTE, Meizu, Lenovo, PPTV, and LeEco far eclipse in numbers compared to Samsung and Apple.

USB Type-C phones are much more on display in China (probably due to less display area domination by Samsung and Apple).  Chinese manufacturers have certainly been the most aggressive in implementing USB Type-C technology to consumers with the Meizu Pro 5Huawei P8, LeEco Le Max, and ZTE Axon Max all having USB Type-C but with low levels of feature implementation.  The LeEco Le Max and ZTE Axon Max support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 for fast charging while the Huawei P8 doesn't even implement USB Power Delivery or Qualcomm Quick Charge.  Only the Meizu Pro 5 implements USB Power Delivery over USB Type-C for fast 24 Watts and 18 Watts of charging and not Qualcomm Quick Charge since it uses the Samsung Exynos rather than Qualcomm chipset.

Unlike US online streaming services like NetFlix and Hulu which have stayed out of phone business, Chinese companies like LeEco (formerly LeTV) and PPTV have come out with their own phones like the LeEco Le Max and PPTV King 7s.

Fast rising Chinese brands like Oppo and Vivo were also in the store with phones like the Oppo R9 and Oppo A53 while older brands like Lenovo were also represented.  Xiaomi was no where to be found due to their successful direct online sales model.

See below for some of the models on display as of end of May 2016.

Huawei P9

LeEco Le Max 

ZTE Axon Max

Meizu Pro 5

PPTV King 7s

Oppo A53

Oppo R9

Various Lenovo models

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