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It’s Incredibly Easy to Print from the Apple iPhone 6 to the Dell E310DW Laser Printer Over WI-FI using AirPrint

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Apple's AirPrint was announced over five and a half years ago and has been included in every iOS version since version 4.2. In today's world where people are spending more in front of their phones and less in front of the computers, let's see how well the iPhone can wirelessly print to a networked printer.

The devices used here it the iPhone 6 and the Dell E310DW Laser Printer. It is important to note that these two devices must be connected to the same local network in order for AirPrint to work. I had the printer plugged in using Ethernet while the iPhone connected via WI-FI.

Once the Dell E310DW Laser Printer is hooked up and turned on, on the iPhone 6 I found a picture of Einstein to print. After saving it to the iPhone's photo album, all I had to do was to go to photos, click on the share button, and press print. The next page has a Printer option so you can chose which printer to print to.


Once I pressed 'Select Printer', the iPhone 6 found the Dell E310DW Laser Printer almost immediately. 


Going back to the previous page and pressing print resulted in this picture rolling out of the printer.

The entire process of using AirPrint to print from the iPhone 6 to the Dell E310DW Laser Printer was surprisingly quick, easy, and straightforward. 

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