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Use the iHome iSP6 X SmartPlug as Your Home Power Switch with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and More

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by Google Inc.

iHome offered ​the iSP6 X SmartPlug as one of its first Smart Home products that is controlled using Wi-Fi. This smart wall plug joins Apple HomeKit compatible devices like the iDevices Switch, Philips Hue tap SwitchiDevices Socket, and Incipio CommandKit Wireless Smart Outlet With Metering to turn on/off your home devices with your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. With HomeKit, you can use Siri based voice commands through your Apple mobile to control the iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug in your home.

The iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug can support both the iOS and Android platforms which means you can also use it with Amazon Alexa, Nest, SmartThings, Wink, or Google Assistant. Through Amazon Alexa, you should be able to control the SmartPlug using voice controlled assistants like the Amazon EchoAmazon Tap, and Echo Dot (2nd Generation). Or you can voice command the SmartPlug  through Google Assistant on your Google Home

Like most Smart Home devices, the iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug lets you use its own iHome Control App on your mobile device to wirelessly connect to both the SmartPlug and home product plugged in.

When browsing at Best Buy in San Diego, California, we purchased the iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug which was in stock at the time. While at there we also went through some of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home products being sold (get details here). 

The iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug packaging as expected looks very compatible style-wise to other Apple HomeKit enabled products. As mentioned you can even use the SmartPlug to turn on/off your decoration lights among other home appliances.

Other than supporting multiple Smart Home platforms, the iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug is also small enough to let you insert two to a standard dual AC power outlet. 

Note to access the SmartPlug over Wi-Fi, your mobile device must have at least an iOS 9.0 or Android Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system.

The box itself is well utilized on all corners to be able to fit in a lot of information on the SmartPlug.

Here iHome claims that its SmartPlug can also be controlled using a iHome ISPR4 remote controller besides your mobile device, which is sold separately. However looking at its own web product page, the iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug doesn't support this remote controller which is only compatible with the iHome | control iSP8 SmartPlug with Remote Control model.

The iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug comes with only the SmartPlug and some handy documentation. 

The SmartPlug claims on its back to support max 1800W power for your home appliances when connected to a conventional 120V ac power outlet.

Like every HomeKit enabled product, the iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug contains a HomeKit code which is used to scan in and add your HomeKit device to the Apple Home or iHome Control App.

On one side the SmartPlug has both a Wi-Fi and power indicator which will light up when connected accordingly, as well as the only button.

The iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug uses Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth meaning it is not restricted to any Bluetooth range unlike the Elgato Eve Light Switch or other Bluetooth enabled Smart Home products. The iHome SmartPlug can support other popular voice controls like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, in addition to Apple HomeKit, and is one of the few devices that supports so many popular Internet of Things Smart Home platforms.

We next look at how to set up the iHome | control iSP6 X SmartPlug with other devices in coming reviews.

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