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How to Use the JBL Reflect Aware C Headphones with the Google Pixel over USB Type-C

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Reviewed Products

The JBL Reflect Aware C USB Type-C based noise cancellation headphones works fine with the Google Pixel phone and is as easy to use as traditional 3.5mm audio headphones.  

After you first attach the headphones to the phone, you won't get any direct notification. However, if you swipe down from the top to see the latest notifications, you will see an Android System notification stating that 'USB supplying power to attached device'.

If you open up that USB notification, you don't need to change anything. Just let the Google Pixel phone supply power over USB to the JBL Reflect Aware C. Click here to see how much power the headphones actually pulls from the Pixel over the USB Type-C connector.


You can use the JBL Reflect Aware C to make calls on the Google Pixel as well as simply listening to music and take advantage of its active noise cancellation features.

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