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How to Share Tile with Others to Help You Find Your Device

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It's easy to share Tile with others you know.  In the Tile App, just select the Tile device you want to share, select 'Options' and select 'Share with'. 


You can then share the tile with one other person who will be able see your Tile device on his or her App.  Anytime your Tile device is around their mobile device with the Tile App, your own mobile device will be able to see your Tile device's location as well.


To see how this works, I invited myself using another e-mail address and opened up that e-mail using the Apple iPad Pro.  That e-mail provided a link to open a Tile account.

After registering for the Tile account, I then selected the link at the bottom to the Apple App Store where I could download and open the Tile App.

After enjoying the video showing how to use the Tile, I selected 'Log In'.

The Tile App will ask you to turn on Bluetooth, GPS (Location), and iPhone Battery Savings (to access your motion and fitness activity).

The Tile App will also ask you to send you notifications and briefly show how many Tile users are nearby that can help you find your Tile device.

After the setup screens, you will immediately get into List view and see both the Apple iPad Pro and the Tile device.

You can also use Map view to see the devices on Google Maps and enjoy the full map zooming opportunities.

The Tile App show you a different color ring around your Tile device in List view depending on how close you are to that device.

If the Tile device is around you, you should be able to walk around until the ring turns green.

However, if you still can't find the Tile device, you can seek help from the entire Tile community.  Just select 'Notify when found', 

Next select 'Ask Friends for Help' and you can leverage the power of the Tile community help you anonymously find your Tile device if it's close enough to a community member's mobile device with the Tile App.


Tile works well with the Apple iPad Pro and if you have a lot of Tiles to track, the large screen on the iPad Pro is ideal for figuring out where everything is on a map.

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