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How to Set Up the Google Home Mini on Your Apple iPhone

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Even though the Google Home Mini obviously targets Android users, you can also use your iPhone like the iPhone X to set it up. The Google Home Mini is inexpensive enough that Apple users can get access to Google's voice assistant in more places around the house given that Siri is only available on much more expensive Apple devices.

First you will need to download and install the Google Home App on the Apple App Store. Also make sure the Google Home Mini is plugged in and turned on.


Once the App is installed, you will then need to sign into your Google account.


After signing in, the Google Home App will immediately look for the Google Home Mini over Bluetooth and establish a connection.


Once the connection is made, the Google Home Mini will play a sound. You can select the location for the Google Home Mini and choose a name for it.


You can then select the Wi-Fi network for the Google Home Mini to join and enter its password.


You can then continue to set up the Google Assistant features of the Google Home Mini. Unlike Android phones, iPhone restricts some information that the Google Assistant can access such as the iPhone's calendar or email.


Once of the nice features of the Google Assistant is that it can recognize commands from different people through Voice Match.


You can also choose a male or female voice for the Google Assistant's voice.


Next, you can set your address so Google Assistant can pull up more appropriate weather, traffic, and navigation responses. 


You can then also select what music and video services that Google Assistant will use when you ask it to play songs or shows. One of the nice things with using Google is that it has Google Play Music as a free service for music but you can also choose YouTube Music, Spotify, and Pandora. For video services, only Netflix was supported- it's interesting that Google's own video services were not offered here.


With Netflix, you will need to sign in with your Netflix account in order to link it.


Finally, you can then set up your payment method and delivery info if you wanted to make purchases and have items delivered.



Now that the Google Home Mini has been set up, the Google Home App gives you examples of what commands you can use with Google Assistant.


You can also get tips and news about Google Home by signing up for updates, before finally being able to use the Google Home Mini.


The Google Home Mini is very easy to set up with the iPhone X. From now on, you don't really need the iPhone to use the Google Home Mini unless you want to check or change your settings.

Reviewed Products

Reviewed Products

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