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How to Access Google Home Using a Apple iPad

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Google Home

by Google Inc.

As an alternative to Siri, Apple users can also access Google Assistant through Google Home on devices like the Apple iPad Pro- 12.9". Let's  see below how to set up the Google Home on your Apple iPad Pro- 12.9".

Assuming the Google Home is already plugged in and turned on, download and install the Google Home App from the Apple App Store.

After we accepted the Terms & Conditions on the Google Home App, the App will then start to search for the Google Home to connect over Wi-Fi.

At first the Google Home App was not able to detect the Google Home so we selected 'Try Again' to repeat the process.

Once the Google Home is finally connected with the Apple iPad Pro- 12.9", the Google Home will play a test sound.

When we selected a network region different from the Google Home's country of manufacture, we were also notified that the iPad might not be able to discover the Google Home.

Once that was done, we could proceed to choose the room the Google Home was going to be in.

Then select the Wi-Fi network for the Google Home to join. 

The Google Home App will also detect if the Wi-Fi network selected has been set with a different Google account.

Once connected, we could continue to sign in with our Google account and set up the Google Assistant features.

The Google Assistant has the ability to recognize commands from different people through the multi-user function which is one of its nice features. 

You can also access the Discover section of the Google Home App to set a name that the Google Assistant will use to call you. This section is also useful to get ideas for how to use different voice commands with the Google Home

Setting up the Google Home with the Apple iPad Pro- 12.9" is pretty direct, allowing you to easily control or make additional configurations to the Google Home from your Apple iPad Pro- 12.9".

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