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How the HTC 10 Performs with the JBL Reflect Aware C Headphones over USB Type-C

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By also supporting audio over USB Type-C besides the 3.5mm audio port, the HTC 10 phone can be connected easily to a USB Type-C audio headphones. The JBL Reflect Aware C offers a handy option for mobiles which is not only backpack friendly but also conveniently powered by the PC or mobile device that is connected to it. In addition to audio, the JBL headphones also supports active noise cancelation and noise level adjustment by drawing power over USB Type-C.

When connected directly to the HTC 10, happily we find that the JBL Reflect Aware C can pair well with the phone to deliver audio from the YouTube Music App. 

Once attached the JBL Reflect Aware C to the HTC 10, you will get a direct notification that the phone is supplying USB power to the headphones. If you swipe down from the top, you will also see the Settings notification stating that USB is used to supply power to the attached device. If you open up that USB notification, you don't need to change anything. Just let the HTC 10 phone supply power over USB to the JBL Reflect Aware C

While you can use the JBL Reflect Aware C with the HTC 10 to listen to music with noise cancellation, you can't select to adjust audio output on the phone. We also observe this limitation on other USB Type-C phones that we tested such as the Moto Z Droid (as reviewed here) and Huawei P10 (in this review).



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