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Hama 3m High Speed HDMI Cable Supports HDMI 2.0b, 4K@60Hz, HDR, 18Gb/s and 48-bit Color For Your 4K HD TV

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Reviewed Products

If you want to connect to a 4K@60Hz display using HDMI, you can use the Hama 3m High Speed HDMI Cable. Hama highlights that it can use HDMI 2.0b to support 4K Ultra HD, HDR and 18 Gb/s for its 3 m cable on its packaging. The Hama cable also enables 1440p and 1080p HDMI signal frame rates, 3D video output, 100 Mb/s Ethernet and up to 48-bit color.

Using the GRL DI20 cable tester to test the insertion loss through the Hama 3m High Speed HDMI Cable, we can see the cable has slightly better overall signal integrity performance when compared to the inakustik 3m High Speed HDMI Cable even though they are the same length. While more expensive, the Hama 3m High Speed HDMI Cable has lower loss under 10 GHz compared to the cheaper inakustik 3m High Speed HDMI Cable (see review here).

We can see how the Hama 3m High Speed HDMI Cable looks like from inside its packaging which we purchased from a MediaMarkt retail store in Germany recently. 

Hama advertises that the gold plated connector design and ferrite core materials used by its High Speed HDMI Cable can enable high quality and secure signal transmission when connected in between devices.

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