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Google Cloud Print Fails to Deliver On the Dell E310DW Laser Printer and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Huawei P8 Phones

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Google Cloud Printing was introduced back in 2010, before Apple's AirPrint came out. Having had so much time to develop that service, I had gone into this expecting a fully functional app that was intuitive and efficient. Unfortunately what I found was neither of those.

I tried out Google Cloud Printing by trying to print from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to the Dell E310DW Laser Printer.

First, I downloaded the application from the Play Store, giving the necessary permissions. "Google Print" is sufficient as a search query to find the correct app. 


Much like the Mopria app, the Cloud Print application is actually not a traditional app that you can open. It provides additional options whenever you encounter a chance to print. If you want to verify its presence on your phone, going to settings and searching up "Printing" would be sufficient. 


Clicking on cloud print would bring you to the third picture, where it searches for printers. Unfortunately, the app never found the Dell E310DW Laser Printer that was on our network. When I tried with the Huawei P8, I was met with similar results.

At this point I hadn't given up hope yet. I clicked more and tried to manually add the printer, but was prompted to log into my Google account. However, I was already logged in on the phone, so when I tried to use my email to log in, it rejected me, saying that I was already logged in.

To counter this, I deleted my account from the phone and tried again. This time, I was able to log onto the phone and was promptly brought to the Play Store, which is not where I had wanted to go.

Going back to the printer screen, I was presented with the familiar login screen that prompts me to use a Google account to log in. As such, I have run out of options, seeing as how the automatic printer detector did not work for me and I was unable to manually add the printer. 


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