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A Quick Look at Gigastone’s 32GB MicroSD Card with Adapter

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Reviewed Products

One of the cheaper SD cards out there is the 32GB Class 10 MicroSD Card with Adapter from Taiwan based Gigastone.  This card reports up to a 48MB/s data transfer rates and is marked as UHS-I, UHS Speed Class U1 and Class 10 (min 10 MB/s).  The Gigastone 32GB Class 10 MicroSD Card with Adapter can be used with compatible Android smartphones, tablets/PCs, game consoles, GPS, camcorders and cameras. The card comes bundled with an adapter if you need to use the MicroSD card in a standard SD card slot.

This card is marketed to support full HD 1080p video recording and playback but we will look at to what extent it can support 4K video as well. 

With 32GB, it can hold up to 6400 10 MP and 5280 12 MP photos, 16000 (4-minute, 64 Kbps) and 8000 (4-minute, 128 Kbps) MP3's, as well as 1280 MPEG4 video minutes (720x480) and 320 HD Video minutes (1920x1080).

The card comes with a 10-year warranty and claims resistance to shock, water, X-ray, magnetic waves and extreme temperatures.

We will be carrying out tests to see how this card performs versus more expensive higher performance cards out there.

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