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Don't Lose Your Apple Pencil with the Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil

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Reviewed Products

Apple's products are great to the touch, putting a lot of focus on thin designs, rounded edges and smooth surfaces. However this means that once you set them down, they will move around through the magic of gravity and low friction ending up falling off tables or into furniture cracks, forever lost. This has created a huge market for cases which add back in the bulk and rough surfaces that Apple designers spent so much time on taking on.

The Apple Pencil is no exception given that there is no easy way to attach the Pencil to the iPad Pro's, even with using the Apple Smart Keyboard or Apple Smart Cover. After having lost our Apple Pencil and having to purchase a new one, we decided to purchase the Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil at Best Buy.

The Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil comes in the standard professional looking Belkin green and white color scheme.

The Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil has a textured cover which is still nice to the touch as well as a round hole to place the Apple Pencil into.

When you open the cover of the Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil, there is a slot to hold the Pencil.

You can also slide open a door to reveal additional slots to hold all the small accessories which comes with the Apple Pencil.

The Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil conveniently allows you to keep all your Apple Pencil accessories with you if you are traveling around. Once you are stationary, you can then use the Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil to make sure the Pencil doesn't keep on rolling off your desk.

The bottom of the Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil has a smooth surface but has four bumps which the case sits on.

The Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil looks great with the Apple Pencil and reminds us of the pencil cases of old. However, unlike lead pencils, the Apple Pencil comes at a much steeper price and is something that is definitely not disposable. We found that the Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil is a small but worthwhile investment to reduce the chance of misplacing your Apple Pencil and accessories.

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