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AirPrint Cannot be More Convenient with Canon’s MFC7206 Printer

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Previously, we had used Apple's AirPrint with the Dell E310dw printer to experience how well they worked together. Let's see how well AirPrint works with another printer model, the Canon MFC7206.

With the same Einstein photo as we had used in the aforementioned review, we ventured to once again print out this same image from an iPhone 6.

Selecting the image and pressing "Print" on the lower right brings us to the following selection screen:

Pressing on the "Select Printer" bar prompts the iPhone to search for compatible printers on the network. In our case, it found our printer very quickly, listed as "Canon MF720C Series".

Selecting it replaces the "Select Printer" text from the previous screen with our own printer.

Having done this, hitting print is all that is left to do. The pensive gaze of Einstein soon emerged from the printer, confirming once again that AirPrint is extremely easy to use, especially since it does not require any additional setup on either the printer or the Apple device. One thing to note, however, is that the printed image here is a little smaller than it was when we used the Dell E310dw, despite printing the same image on the same size paper. This could probably be changed in printer settings, but we couldn't spot any obvious difference in settings that could cause this. That aside, printing using Apple's AirPrint is incredibly easy since it takes no more than a minute or two, given that the printer has already been set up and connected to the same network as the Apple device. 

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