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GoPro Supercharger Charges the Nintendo Switch Console Well Over USB Power Delivery

The GoPro Supercharger (click here for Amazon pricing) was originally provided for the GoPro HERO5 Black and GoPro HERO5 Session  but it should also be able to support charging over USB Power Delivery with the Nintendo Switch Console.

The Nintendo Switch Console is already turned on when plugged in with the GoPro Supercharger with the left and right Joy Con controllers attached to the Console.

Looking at the USB Power Delivery negotiations between the GoPro Supercharger and Nintendo Switch Console, the charger advertises its source capabilities of 15 watts (5 volts @ 3 amps), 16.5 watts (5.5 volts @ 3 amps), and 20 watts (12 volts @ 1.67 amps), starting from 1% charge left on the Console's battery.

At first the Nintendo Switch Console only requests 6 watts (12 volts @ 0.5 amps) and is accepted by the GoPro charger.

Later we see the Switch Console finally establishes the maximum 20 watts (12 volts @ 1.67 amps) power contract to speed up charging with the GoPro charger.

When we connected the GoPro Supercharger to the Nintendo Switch Console with both Joy Con controllers being attached and used to play a game cartridge, the Switch Console from 1% battery is observed to pull current at 12 volts resulting in a 15 to 20 watts power band during active gameplay. This power is similar when charging with the Nintendo Switch AC Adapter as seen in this review, which shows that the Nintendo Switch Console works just as well with the GoPro Supercharger using USB Power Delivery. 

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