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Buying and Unboxing the iPhone 7

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We finally were able to purchase the Apple iPhone 7 at an AT&T Store.

The iPhone 7 Plus was still not available as well as the new iPhone 7 Jet Black model which seems to be highly popular despite its ability to collect fingerprints very easily.  Instead we purchased the Matte Black iPhone 7 model which doesn't leave fingerprints visible on the back of the phone.

Here's a look at what's inside the Apple iPhone 7 box.

The Apple iPhone 7 comes with a Lightning to USB cable, EarPods with Lightning Connector, Lightning to 3.5 mm audio adapter, and 5 watts (5 volts @ 1 amps) charger.  There are also Apple stickers, and a well done quick start guide.  The EarPods with Lightning Connector is on the other side of the Lightning to 3.5 mm audio adapter package.

With most newer flagship phones now shipping with over 15 watts chargers, Apple is quite unique in its approach with sticking with a 5 watts charger.

Of course the most significant change with the Apple iPhone 7 is the loss of the 3.5 mm analog audio connector.  If you still want to use wired headphones, they will need to be Lightning based or you need to use the Lightning to 3.5 mm audio adapter.

Click here to see how to set up the iPhone 7.

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