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Apple iPhone 7 Really Does Support Class 1 Bluetooth Level Performance to Stay Connected With the Beats Solo3 Wireless at 100 metres

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Most devices support just Class 2 Bluetooth (rated up to 10 meters range) in order to save on power.  

Based on testing we performed between the Apple iPhone 7 and Beats Solo3 Wireless, we were surprised to see that the iPhone 7 was able to stay connected and play audio without any distortions at the max Class 1 Bluetooth range of 100 meters using clear line of sight.

Once we pair the Apple iPhone 7 to the Beats Solo3 Wireless, we can see the headphone battery information on the iPhone's Bluetooth screen.


Using the LightBlue App, we can see the Beats Solo3 Wireless is able to stay connected at 100 meters with a RSSI of -89 db.  We can also see that the Beats Solo3 Wireless supports Bluetooth Low Energy technology since its visible on the LightBlue App.


Past 100 meters, the Beats Solo3 Wireless starts to lose connection with the iPhone 7 with a RSSI of -93 db.

When testing the iPhone 6s with the Beats Solo3 Wireless under the same condition, we observed that the wireless range performance was lower at 80 meters.  We also observed the same 80 meters range performance with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 can of course support traditional Class 2 Bluetooth headphones like the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds but we observed a wireless range of only 20 meters.

The Apple iPhone 7 can achieve amazing range with the Beats Solo3 Wireless with Apple's W1 chip.  You can feel confident that you can stay connected with your music under most normal situations.

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