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Xiaomi Band and Mi Note Pro- Affordable Fashion Tech

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To try out the Xiaomi Band, I used the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro smartphone.  The Mi Fit App comes preinstalled on the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro so you can find and start the App immediately.

Mi Fit App Setup-1 Mi Fit App Setup-2

To use the Xiaomi Band, you first need to create a Mi Account since all the fitness information is stored in the Mi Cloud.

Mi Fit App Setup-3 Mi Fit App Setup-4

Mi Fit App Setup-5 Mi Fit App Setup-6

Once you have set up your Mi account, you can begin to use the Mi Fit App.

Mi Fit App Setup-7 Mi Fit App Setup-8

Mi Fit App Setup-9 Mi Fit App Setup-10

Given I used the pre-installed app, the Mi Fit App had to update to the latest version. Xiaomi is well known for constant software updates.

Mi Fit App Setup-11 Mi Fit App Setup-12

After the newest version of the App is reinstalled, you can then start to pair your Xiaomi Band.

Mi Fit App Setup-13 Mi Fit App Setup-14

Mi Fit App Setup-15 Mi Fit App Setup-16

Mi Fit App Setup-17 Mi Fit App Setup-18

It turns out that the Xiaomi Band actually has a touch sensitive surface which acts as a button that you use for pairing.

Mi Fit App Setup-19 Mi Fit App Setup-20

Mi Fit App Setup-21 Mi Fit App Setup-22

After pairing, the Xiaomi Fit App automatically then uploads the latest fitness data from the Xiaomi Band.

Mi Fit App Setup-23Mi Fit App Setup-29Mi Fit App Setup-30 Mi Fit App Setup-25

The main screens include step, weight, and sleep tracking.  There are other functions like route tracking where you can use GPS to see where you have been.

Mi Fit App Setup-26 Mi Fit App Setup-27

Mi Fit App Setup-28

If you purchase Xiaomi supported smart shoes, you can also connect these shoes to the Xiaomi Fit App.

The Xiaomi Band looks great, and if you also purchase the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Cover to go with your Mi Note Pro, together they look classy and stylish.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Cover-1

Affordable luxury and fashionable technology continue to be part of Xiaomi's core mission, and they have certainly achieved this with the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and Xiaomi Band.


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