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Sony AS30V High Definition POV Action Video Camera HDR-AS30V

by Sony

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Sony HDR-AS30V Action Cam doing well in Japan

Although GoPro has become a well known brand worldwide with international sales growing fast, the US is still the largest market for GoPro cameras.  In places like Japan, traditionally strong video camera competitors like Sony have enjoyed popularity for their own action cameras like the HDR-AS30V Action Cam.

The HDR-AS30V Action Cam can be used in a seperate waterproof case accessory that comes with the camera.  While in the case, you can only use WI-FI to connect to the camera.  If you want to access the micro USB, micro HDMI, or micro SD card connectors, you need to remove the camera from the waterproof case.

Since the camera doesn't come with its own viewfinder, you need to use other devices like a smartphone or Sony's Live View Remote Controller (RM-LVR1) to see what the camera is seeing.  You can easily use NFC to pair the RM-LVR1 with the camera by simply touching them with each other- the RM-LVR1 will then automatically join the camera's WI-FI network.

You can also use Android phones like the Sony Xperia Z4 to run the Sony PlayMemories-Mobile App to remotely control the camera.  Like the RM-LVR1, the Xperia can also easily pair with the camera using NFC.

The RM-LVR1 strapped to your wrist is useful when doing sports like cycling but the smartphone is more convenient for controlling the camera overall.

One cool feature of the Sony HDR-AS30V Action Cam is the ability to strap up to 3 cameras on a bike for example, and control all the cameras at the same time.  To save time editing, another nice feature is being able to turn ON the FLIP setting and record the video upside down.


If you want to directly play the video to a TV, you can use HDMI to connect the camera to the TV.  You will need to buy a micro HDMI (Type-D) to regular HDMI cable if you don't have one already.

For editing and managing your videos, Sony offers PlayMemories-Home which can be installed on a PC.  You'll need to connect the camera to a PC over USB in order to transfer the videos and photos to the PC.

Like GoPro, Sony offers a lot of mounting accessories to be able to attach the HDR-AS30V Action Cam anywhere.

Sony still has a large fan base especially in Japan and its no surprise that Sony's action cameras are doing well there.  Unlike GoPro, Sony is able to easily connect the camera with other Sony products using NFC making it convenient for Sony users.


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