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Seagate Seven 500GB Portable External Hard Drive (Silver) STDZ500400

by Seagate

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The Seagate Seven- Razor Thin and Licensed to Kill

THIN is IN, and even external hard drives haven't escaped the parade of sleek silver bodied electronics.  What's amazing is that these traditional rotating hard hard drives continue to keep up with the times and miniaturize their complex electro-mechanical components into a 7mm body. Now you no longer have to hide these thin marvels of engineering inside you PC.  Seagate's Seven Portable Drive brings this technology into the light of day which you can use with any PC, tablet, or TV that has a USB port. I purchased the Seagate Seven Drive from Amazon which arrived promptly through Amazon Prime free 2-Day Shipping in bubble envelope. Seagate Sevenmm Drive Box Top Shot Seagate Sevenmm Drive Box Bottom Shot I opened up the Seven box in Zachary's Chicago Pizza, a popular East Bay joint in San Ramon, California specializing in amazingly deep dish pizza. Zachary's Chicago Pizza Store San Ramon California Zachary's Chicago Store and Pizza San Ramon California The Seven comes in an attractive looking box and designed to show  off its premium styling and killer looks.Seagate Sevenmm Drive Box Lower Corner Top Shot Seagate Sevenmm Drive Unboxing-1 Seagate Sevenmm Drive Unboxing-2 Seagate Sevenmm Drive Unboxing-3 The Seven supports USB 3.0 and comes with its own USB3 cable. Seagate Sevenmm Drive Accessories Seagate Sevenmm Drive Botton Top Shot Seagate Sevenmm Drive Knife Edge Thin When you take out the Seven Drive, it's really amazing to see how thin a rotating hard drive can be.  Any thinner, it could almost replace the knife for cutting pizza. Rotating hard drives have an  storage capacity advantage over solid state drives, and the Seven Drive comes in both 500GB and 750GB sizes.  For those that want something with a lot of capacity, and thin and light enough to slip easily into a purse, backpack, or secret agent attache case, the Seven Drive is a great option.

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