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What IoT Platforms Support the Philips Hue for More Complex Smart Home Automation

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Reviewed Products

In a previous review, we set up the Philips Hue Starter Kit on the iPad Pro using the Philips Hue App. To automate the Philips Hue, the Hue App has a Routines screen based on pre-defined scenarios like when you are at home or away, and when you wake up or go to sleep.  

There is a My routines screen where you can set time based automation.

If you want to set up more complex automation, the Hue labs screen does offer more options based on using other Philips devices. You can go to the Hue labs screen from the Explore screen.

From the Explore screen, you can also select Friends of Hue to see how the Philips Hue works with other automation platforms.

The Philips Hue supports other IoT automation platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, SmartThings, Amazon Echo, IFTTT, Logitech, and Bosch.

Using these IoT platforms allow you to create more complex automation scenarios involving non-Philips devices and voice control solutions from Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri.

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