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What Happens When Google Sends You a Phone to Replace Your Google Pixel

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After running into issues with our Google Pixel while traveling overseas as described in this post, we received our replacement Google Pixel within a week.

The replacement phone that Google sent is a refurbished one and we did notice some small scratches on the front display.

The replacement phone comes with instructions for how to return the broken Pixel phone as well as a small cleaning cloth.

Other than the small scratches on the display, everything else looked fine on the outside for a refurbished unit.

Starting up the replacement Google Pixel phone for the first time is similar to before.


You will need to insert the SIM card and Wi-Fi network. We also selected 'Copy your data' to see if it could transfer data directly to an iPhone 8 using a Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable.


It was interesting to see the Lightning cable being pictured in the Google 'Find the right cable' screen.


Unfortunately, the iPhone could not be recognized by the Google Pixel through the Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable.


We eventually gave up and decided to just back up from the cloud.


From here we could sign into our Google account and activate Project Fi.


Finally, we could set up finger prints, Google Drive backup, and Google Services.


There were also a lot of setup screens for Google Assistant.



After we got into the Android OS, we found that none of our previous Apps had been installed from the online backup. We had to then go into the My Apps & Games screen to Install all the Apps that had been part of our previous library.


Overall we had a good experience with Google in getting us a replacement phone for the Google Pixel and Google seems to be trying hard to service and make a good impression on customers using Google's hardware for the first time.

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