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What Accessories You Can Find In A Japan Electronics Retail Store

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Reviewed Products

In Japan, while shopping for electronic products in a retail store, we could find a wide selection of chargers, power banks and cables being sold by various brands.

Freedy has its own dedicated space for its wireless charger products such as the Freedy 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad and Flex 15W Wireless Charging Stand. Both these wireless chargers support the Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP) standard to offer up to 15 watts wireless charging.

There were also other brands of wireless charger products supporting the Qi Low Power (5W) to the Qi Medium Power (10W) standards such as the 10W based Softbank SELECTION Wireless Charging Base. Also available were those supporting up to 15W EPP like the Huawei Wireless Charger and Andobil Wireless Charger.

As expected a whole lot of wireless charger product selection along with USB Type-C cables and chargers are dominated by Japan's own local brands.

You can get USB Power Delivery based AC chargers such as the Elecom 18W Power Delivery AC Charger or Qualcomm Quick Charge based chargers like the Radius QC2 AC Charger which are some of the more popular Japanese brands for charger products. 

Apple users can choose from a extensive range of USB to Lightning cable selection that also came in different cable lengths. 

There were also many different kinds of power banks supporting USB Power Delivery over Type-C or Qualcomm Quick Charge such as the Sumimoto 18W PD 10000mAh Mobile BatteryHuawei 12000 40W Supercharge Power Bank and iSFactory 5000mAh 2.4A Lightning Power Bank that are useful for charging your Apple iPhone's or smartphones quickly while on the go.

In the USB Adapters section, again Japanese brands were well represented which includes the AIR-J 18W QC3 AC Charger that uses the USB Type-C interface for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 charging.

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