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Tile Works Well With the LG G5

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Tile is addictive and I love being able to see on a map the location of each of my Tile devices and mobile devices that have the Tile App installed.

To test Tile out with the latest generation of Android devices, I installed the Tile App on the LG G5 from Google Play.



I then logged into Tile using my existing Tile account.


Tile makes setup easy by reminding you step by step what you need to do on your phone to enable Tile (in this case, turning on Bluetooth and GPS).  Once setup is done, you can see all the devices and phones linked to your Tile account in both List and Map view.


The more mobile devices that have the Tile App installed, the more likely Tile can find your Tile device if it's nearby to one of these mobile devices.  Either your phone can directly connect to the Tile or the phone can know which other phone is nearby and connected to the Tile.


If you run into problems finding your Tile device, Tile also offers helpful suggestions such as restarting your phone's Bluetooth, being patient, or restarting your phone.  You can also chat directly with Tile for more help.



In this example, my Tile device was already connected to my LG Google Nexus 5X.  


Back on the Nexus 5X, I could confirm that it was connected to the Tile device.


Once I turned off the Bluetooth on the LG Google Nexus 5X, the LG G5 could directly connect to the Tile device.  Once you are directly connected, you can also press 'Find' to make the Tile device ring.


Tile is easy to set up with the LG G5 (and is one of the easiest devices to set up in general) and I was able to use the LG G5 to find the Tile device's location.

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