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The White Plastic on the JBL Reflect Aware C Headphones Turns Brown

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Reviewed Products

The JBL Reflect Aware C is a convenient way to listen to music or make calls on many USB Type-C based Android phones out there with some degree of noise cancellation powered by USB.

Unfortunately, during a recent trip to Bangalore, after a long flight on a plane and later when exposed to days of high humidity, body heat, and the air quality of the city, we found that after three days the white headphones suddenly turned brown. There was very little exposure to sunlight which is a common reason for plastic discoloration.

When the JBL Reflect Aware C was purchased a few months ago (see image below), it was pure white which kept itself well other than periodic dust and dirt. 

We tried to try rubbing down the surface with water but the brown discoloration was not removable and seemed to effect all around the headphones. It's still a mystery how this happened so quickly through what type of chemical reaction.

Seeing that the JBL Reflect Aware C is no longer sold by JBL and the Lightning version doesn't have a white version, perhaps this browning effect is one of the reasons why.

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